Margala Hills Enclave


Devza Marketing (PVT) Limited with the coalition of Margalla Hills Enclave Private Limited is now marketing you this valued and prestigious project, which comprises of residential and commercial plots of sizes 5, 7, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

Important Features of Margalla Hills Enclave

Remains of Ancient Taxila city.

Taxila being the ancient city is the most adjacent place to the CDA sector towards N-5 Main G.T Road towards the northwest, where the civilization of Gandhara exists. Taxila’s original name was takshasila, which after being destroyed by the earthquake was made earthquake-proof.

It’s name was changed from Takshasila, where the word “Taksh” means to cut and “sila” means a city cut out of stone. Taxila is one of South Asia’s richest archaeological sites and is a testament to Buddhism. The Buddha spent 40 years of his life travelling and teaching in this part of Pakistan, and many say it’s from here in the subcontinent that modern Buddhism took its roots. So it is not surprising that some of the best archaeological figures and sites of Buddhism are found in Pakistan, Taxila being one of the greatest.

The Greeks also came to Taxila under the banner of the conqueror, Alexnder the great, thus leaving traces of Greek Civilization here as well.

The city has gained strategic importance in the current times as the famous N-5 on CPEC route connects it to rest of the country.

Museum of Taxila

The Taxila Museum is located on the Grand Trunk Road from Islamabad to Peshawar. The founder of the Museum was Sir John Marshal. He was behind the concept of the Greek style and concept of the museum.

It has many significant findings from Taxila site, and is perhaps one of the most important museums of the world that tells the story of Buddhist scripture with features that were created When Alexander the Great visited here some 2400 years ago.

This is a site museum and its collection consists of objects from the period of 600BC to 500AD, related to the Buddhist Hindu and Jain religions. Objects were discovered from three ancient cities, more than twenty Buddhists Stupas, monasteries and Greek empires. The collection of restored Buddhist sculptures in Pakistan from the 1st to the 7th centuries is called Gandharan Art. The museum has over 5000 objects of materials like stucco, terracotta, silver. gold. iron and semiprecious stones.

The Greeks also came to Taxila under the banner of the conqueror. Alexander the Great, thus leaving traces of Greek Civilization here as well.

Heavy Industries Taxila

Heavy Industries Taxila was envisaged in the early 70’s and its first production unit i.e. Heavy Rebuild Factory (T-series) went into production in 1980. This was followed in the early 90’s by a number of other factories and today HIT has grown into a military industrial complex which consists of Six Major Production units. Support Facilities and Administrative Establishment.

Margalla Hills Enclave is a modern Residential project with state of the art amenities and facilities in the most peaceful and beautiful area located on main CPEC route N-5 in vicinity of lush green Margalla Hills Islamabad and abundant natural water canal crossing all over.

Rising in elite majesty, highly attractive appearance and an exterior that beckons you, see and sense it from any angle, feel the intricate design, the stimulating creativity, the generosity of space, form and function, experience the intelligent space planning, the elevation and the amazing modern approach… every minute detail catches your eye.

Amenities that pull at your heartstrings, feelings that stir deep inside you to make your heart wish to call it immediately your own, as THE ONE that is your HOME. Yes..

This is the project that Devza Marketing (PVT) Limited brings to you.

Imagine a green City with all amenities. facilities and a breathtaking view embedded in the most pleasant expanse nature can bestow. Imagine the opportunity of having your own abode that you have always dreamed of. aspired and Planned for, every moment of your life; imagine. Select the abode of your choice from our convenient sizes of 5,7,10 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential & commercial Plots. imagine being able to have the luxury a truly majestic living at an affordable pace and amazing place. No more imagination, just access the same grand living area in the beautiful City of Taxila. at the Margalla Hills Enclave.

Location of Margalla Hills Enclave

Margalla Hills Enclave, Main G.T. Road, N-5, Taxila, Rawalpindi

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